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  • Student Management

    A quick and easy way to access to student’s information with an easy search option. Schools/institutes can manage student and parents/guardian details easily with view and edit option.
    Following key option that are available in student management section.

    – Bulk import of student information

    – Student profile

    – Promote a student from one class to another

    – Ability to choose which students get promoted and who are not

    – Promote students to a new academic session

    User Role

    Access for admin, accountants, librarian, teachers, students and parents

    Student Attendance

    – Mark & track students attendance quickly and real time.

    – Get a well defined attendance report for all students of a certain class for a certain month

    – Ability to print the attendance report

    Expense Management

    School can managed the school expenses and keep track of Profit and Lost. Features includes:

    – Add school expenses

    – Keep track of expenses

    – Set separate category for school expenses

    Multi Language

    Supports over 20 languages, Ability to add language and modify any phrase according to your need.

    Class Management

    Configure and manage classes according to your process. Features includes:

    – Add sections to a class

    – Ability to assign teacher for a section

    – Multiple sections under a certain class

    – Add subjects for each class separately

    – Assign a teacher for a subject

    – Manage class timetables section-wise

    – Change timetable when required

    Admission Management

    An effective feature of i-School, which makes the admission process easy, faster and paperless using online admission form.

    Employee/ Teacher Management

    Effective way to manage teaching and staff details and view/edit them quickly when needed. Teacher can also check their schedule anytime. Features includes:

    – Add/edit/delete teachers anytime you need

    – Assign teacher to specific class or section

    – Assign teacher to specific subject

    Fee Management

    School can generate fee eg. Tuition Fee, Bus Fee, Admin Fee, Act Fee etc. and the total. System will also notified parents on any fee dues to be paid. This helps you to avoid unnecessary fine amount. Features includes:

    – Invoice generation for student fee

    – Mass invoice generation

    – Student payment history

    – Multiple payment under same invoice

    – Online or offline payment

    Message & Notification

    An inbuilt messaging system for quick and easy communication between teachers, admins, students and parents. It also has reminder system to remind any upcoming event. Features include:

    – Text and Voice messaging option

    – Document / Picture attachment option

    – Unlimited message size

    – Unlimited numbers of message

    – Send to all or selected persons

    – Real time update on mobile app

    – Keep track of the communication

    – Staff to staff or staff to parents two way

    Timetable Management

    A time table module that schedule school planning efficiently. It is very easy and simple to use and easily create time slots and class mapping. Features include:

    – Manage class timetables section-wise

    – Change timetable when required

  • Noticeboard

    A paperless announcement for all. Features include:

    – Add announcements or important notices for all users.

    – Notices are shown on each user’s dashboard on calendar.

    Result & Reporting Management

    Manage results publication and report card online by allowing students and parents monitoring their own progress. Also there are tons of reports for both parents, students, teachers and employee. Features include:

    – Display result for each student base on subject.

    – Compare students’ marks.

    – Print student marksheet.

    – Filter report of marks of all students for a certain class for a specific exam

    – Printing option of that tabulation sheet of students’ marks

    Library Management

    Organize books class-wise and students can issue the books they need. Librarian can also keep track of the books issued. Features include:

    – Manage library

    – Create / edit / delete book list

    – Issue book to any user

    – Return book from any user

    Transportation Management

    iSchool makes whole school transport more secure and safe. Manage buses routes, students & fee.

    Dormitory Management

    Efficiently managing dormitory facilities online at your campus.

    This module is fully equipped with rooms allocations/de-allocations, buildings & rooms management.

    Online Payment & SMS

    Communicating with students, teachers and parents by sending SMS text messages to their mobile phone from iSchool. Not only that, parents can make online payment via Paypal

    Exam Management

    Manage online examinations effortlessly to fit the needs of your educational institute. With a rich set of questions type, you can set the questions and allow students view their result immediately. Features includes:

    – Intuitive marks management

    – Customizable grading syste,

    – Tabulation of marks

    – Setup exam paper

    Study Material

    Provides smarter way of assigning study material/ homework based on classroom. Even during absence students can receive study material and study at home. Features include:

    – Upload study materials

    – Study materials can be class specific

    – Students can download the materials anytime they need

    Parent Management

    Facilities for parents to monitor and track their children progress report, result, attendance, and many more

    iOS & Android Apps

    iOS and Android apps branded in your institution’s name, logo and color for Parents, Teachers & Students. Enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with i-School ERP and stay connected with everyone.

    Note: Mobile app is only applicable for single institution

    Multi School

    Multi school system – All in one. One dashboard to manage and track all your institutions in one platform.

    Best suited for management of Group of Institutions who want to control more than one school or college from single platform. Get 360-degree view on the updates from the entire groups which can be access from super-admin dashboard.

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