What is a smart school and what are their benefits?

What is a smart school and what are their benefits?

The smart school is a technology-based teaching learning institution for preparing children for the Information Age. Unlike the conventional school life, the smart school concept makes use of advanced technology and equipment in classrooms to give students a better learning experience. Teaching has moved to a really advanced level where the one sided lecture methods no more exists and students are having a more interactive learning experience.

Instead of the boring blackboard lectures, teachers are now exploring the potential of advanced educational apps to increase the liking for learning. Through audio and video conferencing and educational applications, collaborative learning is made possible even beyond classrooms. Many surveys and researchers have pointed out how pro a smart school concept can be if used in the correct way.

Below are the major benefits of incorporating Smart Learning in education:

1) Easy access to online information:

As a smart class incorporates various gadgets with internet connection such as mobiles, tabs and laptops, students can easily access online information.

2) Motivates Students

Smart Learning builds a student’s interest in subject based curriculum. The visualizations take students to the world of imagination which develop their interest & sense as well as motivate them to learn more.

3) Enhanced Teacher-Parent Interaction

Teachers are often busy with activities at a school, they sometime end up neglecting communication with parents about the activities of their children. With the use of advanced software solutions such as i-School ERP software, teacher can avoid any miscommunication and better manage their teaching. As for parents, they can stay updated on their child attendance, school assignment, exam result and also instantly view pictures of their kids when teachers upload the pictures to the system and send alerts notification in real-time to parents. And with regular alerts and reminders, parents can be aware of all important school activities.

4) Increase Efficiency and reduce cost

With the use of ERP school system, school management will be able to have a quick gasp and develop a 360 degree view of departments across the school with accurate reporting to staff, students, teachers, parents, local education authorities and the government. Achieving institutional targets by monitoring results with real-time performance measurements lead to faster, better decision making and more efficient communication. It automatically raises the staff satisfaction level efficiently.

5) Increases student engagement with eBooks And Online Study

In the digital world, students are generally fond of online studying. This is where library apps and book search apps come into the picture. These applications make it easy for the students to search the appropriate study material in the mobile application. It keeps them closer to the study material and helps them in segregating their studying materials over the web.

6) Online Invoicing, payment and attendance

Various student-related activities, such as online school payments and payments for other purposes, can be made through mobile applications. It saves the effort to stand in a queue and pay the fees for various purposes at school. Also, attendance-management apps maintain the attendance of students, so that teachers can have a keen eye on the students. It makes it easy for both teachers and parents to keep a track of the attendance of students.

7) An option for students who are absent

The good thing with smart school is that all the classes are always recorded. With this, those absent from the session will be able to go through the materials. Any question, student can always email their teacher.

8) Printing and paper replaced by digital tools

Each month school uses tons of paper and toner is use for printing and data storage. With digital tools, it helps on saving the environment and also cost reduction. Paperless is where we should aim for. With that, it also helps in saving physical storage space. The use of digital tool is a one time investment but with long term benefit.

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